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Nell Carter Sings On Broadway

Nell Carter sings On Broadway from Gimme a Break. Great time capsule of what was showing on the Great White Way c. 1980.

Nell Carter - I Can Let Go Now

Nell Carter covers Michael McDonald's "I Can Let Go Now" on Gimme a Break! (S03E12)

Straight Talk Classics: Nell Carter & Lesley Gore

Straight Talk Classics - 25 of Your Favorite Shows from the Past 25 Years.


This product is meant for educational purposes only. Nell Carter, Born September 12, 1948 Birmingham, Ala - Passed January 23, ...

Nell Carter - America

Nell sings the Neil Diamond hit in the Gimme A Break! Season 5 episode, "Second Chance (Part 2)", Aired 1/11/1986 on NBC.

Nell Carter "Mean to Me" touching performance 1982

Welcome! These clips are from a large video collection that is now being converted from VHS/Beta to digital many from the 70's, ...

Nell Carter "Our Day Will Come!"

Nell Carter "Our Day Will Come!"

Nell Carter singing Friend Like Me

Nell Carter sings "Friend Like Me' on Academy Awards.

Nell Carter - Annie 1997 Medley (Fox After Breakfast 15-Apr-1997)

Tony Award Winner Nell Carter sings a medley of songs from the 1997 Revival of ANNIE including "Little GIrls", "You Make Me ...

David Spatz Show - Guest: Nell Carter

From our Lost and Found department: this interview with Nell Carter debuted 8/14/93 on our first network, CTN of NJ. It was show ...

Nell Carter @ The Arsenio Hall Show 1989

Please check out my photography and artwork here;

Nell Carter "Ease the Pain" Gospel Choir

Let Peace Begin With Me pass this inspirational performance on, we need this now more than ever!

Chevy Chase Modern Problems I like it!

Chevy Chase Modern Problems I like it! Nell Carter, Patti D'Arbanville.

Classic Clips: Nell Carter (1997)

Nell Carter on Working In The Theatre (1997) Watch this entire episode here: #ClassicClips ...

Amazing Grace - Nell Carter

From a private pressing of a record to benefit Nell Carter's high school Alma Mater. Very rare find of the late, great Nell Carter!

Amen - (S1) The Courtship of Bess Richards 1/2

Frye wants a soloist (Nell Carter) to join his church choir. Original air-date: 10/4/86.

Nell Carter - Mary Tyler Moore Theme

Nell Carter performing the Mary Tyler Moore theme song. Not sure where it's from. Probably an awards show in the late 1980's.

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